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Parceline ceramique pottery studio in Quebec Canada

People often ask me how I came to become a ceramist. And the answer always surprises many... Do you want to know?

Little Celine

I have always evolved in a artistic environment. From first school to high school, I was in music concentration where I learned to play cello (which I still have but which, I must admit, is taking a bit of dust!). At the same time, I took circus lessons for a long time. I loved this art, the little me dreamed of become a circus athlete! In short, I loved the arts, I liked school but being someone very practical, manual and a bit hurry, I wanted to learn concrete things, I decided to aplly for a carpentry school at the end of my high school. And yes! I worked 1-2 years in construction but it was a bit too rough for me, both in terms of the environment and the work itself. I resigned. I traveled. On my return, I apply in anarchitecture program, finding that this profession combined artistic and manual work. But I gave up and traveled.

The discovery of pottery

When I came back from my trip, during an activity with some friends, we landed in a ceramic café (you know, that place where you can paint on ceramics, while chatting and drinking coffee?). I remember that moment as a state of meditation, peace of mind, discovering the perfect mixt between art and utility. Once at home, I looked on the internet to find out if ceramics was a profession. I found the DEC in ceramics given in collaboration with the Cegep du Vieux-Montréal. That's all, I signed up. I traveled while waiting for classes to start.

Centre de ceramique Bonsecours

And in September, I started learning, not really knowing what to expect. But I loved! I had finally found a job that allowed me to work manually, to be artistic while creating practical objects. And I didn't give up. I graduated in 2010, I have been practicing this job full time for 13 years now.

The Parceline pottery studio

13 years ago, when I finished school, I started exhibiting at big events like the Salon des Metiers d'Art or the OOAK inToronto. The reality of a small entrepreneur was very different back then. It was at the beginning of social networks and online sales practically did not exist. During my first maternity leave (Henri will be 8 years old this summer), I challenged myself to set up my Etsy shop. And yes, during my baby's naps, instead of resting, I worked on the computer. Well, I've probably accumulated fatigue but I took up the challenge well and my online sales have started. In 2020 (we had a lot of free time in 2020, right?), I finally decided to build my own transactional site to better represent my work, my profession and my passion.

My ceramics and my studio

I enjoy creating functional potteryobjects to accompany you everydays. Without too much fla fla, I use simple and robust forms to offer you durable pottery that you will not be afraid to use over and over. My pottery studio, located at 2205 Parthenais #316 Montreal, is open to public by appointment. You can pick up a purchase made online or even shop directly on site. And the name Parceline? It came from a very simple idea, a sound connection between clay and my first name. Porcelain, by Céline. It's gentle, simple and effective, right?

A little bit about me

I work and live in Montreal (Canada), I have 2 lovely kids (Lily is 4 and Henri is 8) and I love gardening, playing outside, cycling around the city and travelling around the world with my little family.
What about you? : )

Handmade pottery made in Montreal
Pottery studio in Montreal, Canada.